Traditional postpartum wisdom - implications for contemporary postpartum justice

Ethnic Studies 199/Asian American Studies 199 (2 units)

Monday and Wednesday 5-7 PM

245 Hearst Gym, UC Berkeley

There will be weekly lectures to define issues confronting new mothers in our society under the forces of racism, sexism, individualism, and profit-making.  We also wish to distill wisdom from cross cultural postpartum traditions that had enabled the human race to survive and thrive through millennia.  We hope wisdom of the past can serve to frame a vision of postpartum justice for the future. There will also be collective as well as individual projects for students who are enrolled.

Classes are meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Both the on- and off- campus community members are welcome to attend the following lectures:

8/29 – Dr. Monica McLemore: Reproductive justice: what it is and what it is not.

9/10 - Dr. Marilyn Wong: The making of a postpartum perfect storm in the U.S.

9/17 – Dr. Sara Whetstone: Disparities in maternal health

9/24 – Ms Fabiola Santiago: Fighting for a national paid leave policy

10/1 – Doula Linda Jones: Doulas and the Movement for Reproductive Justice

10/15 – Dr. Brittany Chambers: Racism and its impact on maternal health outcomes

10/22 – Midwife Melinda Fowler: Black midwifery - History and Current Practices

10/29 – Acupuncturist Christopher Pearson: Postpartum food as medicine – TCM principles

11/5 - Author Michelle Lee: Working the Roots - Over 400 Years of African American Healing

11/19 – Ms Navina Khanna: Building social movement through food

11/28 - Dr. Marilyn Wong: Course Summation - Defining Postpartum Justice (+ celebration with refreshment)


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