postpartum justice summit 2019

April 6, 2019 * San Francisco

On this page:

  • Keeping the conversations loud and the movement strong

  • Summit photos & Videos

  • Summit attendee survey results

  • PDF file of the postpartum justice summit resource handbook

  • References for articles in the Postpartum justice summit resource handbook


keeping the conversations loud and the movement strong

The Mothers-to-Mothers Team wishes to thank all the speakers, moderators, panelists, volunteers, organizers, MoAD staff, and, most of all, the Community that participated in the Postpartum Justice Summit. Please keep the momentum strong and participate in the numerous local events in honor of Black Maternal Health Week (4/11-4/17).

M2M is also forging ahead with the following activities - please contact us if you are interested in:

  • declaring postpartum justice day in different cities

  • collecting cross cultural traditional postpartum practices

  • building new postpartum traditions based on wisdom and justice





Video: Postpartum Justice Summit 2019 Highlights


video: Postpartum Justice Summit - Summation Session


postpartum justice summit 2019

attendee survey results

On our Program Visitor Survey, we ask the question, "What about today's program provided you with new insight or learning?" Here are the responses we gathered:

  • Today's summit taught me a lot about birth equity and advancing Racial justice through birth work

  • We need more connection and healing spaces for birth workers. Insight: Postpartum Birth Plan

  • Definitely, I learned so much about the AA culture & the needs in that community

  • everything. Amazing group of talented, thought-leaders

  • Connections to my Black community

  • Intersections of so many movements & identities, their import & capacity to transform the postpartum period

  • All programming was excellent

  • Life changing! As a future queer parent, I found the sessions enlightening & healing

  • A whole lot

  • Yes -- so rich in history, wisdom, women's leadership, advocacy & valuable food for thought

  • Need for policy discussions/changes; networking; acknowledgement of Af Am Women community practices & traditions

  • Shared space with like minded activists, shared knowledge and learning from & remembering ancestral knowledge

  • Today's event was very insightful & much needed

  • Amazing opportunity to hear from black women leaders in this field!

  • Everything! Thank you. Asking women to construct their postpartum time at same time of birth plan building

  • There is so much work to do to ensure that postpartum justice is available to black women.

  • It was really helpful to being seen and it was very informative. Thankful for this experience. Also, the food was amazing!

  • It was great to be in community!

  • The platform afforded to these Black birthing justice experts and community sharing their experiences

  • Building community; igniting activism

  • Info about postpartum justice, how to continue to support black mamas

  • The inspirational work that all is being done & being created for healthier Mothers & happier families. They are important foundations for thriving communities!

  • The resilience of the African American people

  • Absolutely! As a public health professional and social worker, I look forward to sharing everything I learned with my team and health services agency.

  • All of it. Just loved the support & feeling seen

  • Layers of sharing, learning & community

  • Everything. Very informative event.

  • This program was insightful & powerful as it shed light on a must needed situation that is happening among blk women. More events like these are needed.

  • Everyone who presented and the new friends I met filled me with hope for our future I am honored to be an ally to such brilliant women.

  • I learned the importance of involving doulas in prenatal care! Going mothers the most support during this time period.

  • Provided an awareness of what is actively happening in the community solution oriented.

We also ask "How would you rate your experience? Excellent, Good, Acceptable, Needs Improvement." All attendees who filled out a survey rated their experience as "Excellent."



postpartum justice summit 2019 resource handbook pdf

Click on image below to access.

references for articles in

the Postpartum Justice Summit

resource handbook

The following articles were featured in the Postpartum Justice Summit Resource Handbook. Due to limited space, we did not print their references in the Handbook. The references can be accessed by clicking on the individual articles below.


Session 1: Black maternal equity

session 2: current fights for justice

session 3: Forging a new postpartum culture