National Family Paid leave

This page contains article, video, book, service, and advocacy resources for anyone interested in the national family paid leave campaign in the United States of America. The links for articles and videos take you to websites where you can view the content while the book links lead to websites where you can make purchases. The service and advocacy links transport you to the organization websites where you can learn more about their causes


Articles and Videos

Rossin-Slater, Maya, Christopher Ruhm, and Jane Waldfogel. “The Effects of California’s Paid Family Leave Program on Mothers’ Leave-Taking and Subsequent Labor Market Outcomes.” Journal of policy analysis and management : [the journal of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management] 32.2 (2013): 224–245. Print.

  • This articles discusses the effect of the California Paid Leave Program on mothers and the labor market.

Hecht, Jon. “The Surprising Sexism of Maternity Leave.” Bustle, Bustle, 15 June 2018

  • This discusses the differences in paternal leave offered to mothers and fathers of newborns.

Covert, Bryce. “Why Don't We Just Do Paid Family Leave the Right Way?The New York Times, The New York Times, 17 Feb. 2018

FAMILY Act Proposes National Paid Family and Medical Leave.CLASP, 24 Aug. 2017,

Keating, Kim. “Family Leave in the U.S. and Europe: A Comparison.” The Huffington Post,, 9 June 2016

Noguchi, Yuki. “Lawmakers Agree On Paid Family Leave, But Not The Details.NPR, NPR, 27 Feb. 2018,

Scott, Eugene. “If Working Mothers Want Paid Family Leave, They'll Probably Need a Bipartisan Solution.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 6 Feb. 2018

Shapiro, Kristin A. “A Paid Family Leave Plan That Congress Might Actually Pass.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 16 Aug. 2018

These articles are related to the postpartum experience. We welcome your literature search efforts. Please add to this list through our CONTACT PAGE.



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Sholar, Megan Anne. Getting Paid While Taking Time: the Women's Movement and the Development of Paid Family Leave Policies in the United States. Temple University Press, 2016.

Wilkinson, Helen, and Stephen Radley. Time out: the Costs and Benefits of Paid Parental Leave. Demos, 1997.