This page provides a detailed listing of articles and videos, books, services, and advocacy groups regarding midwifery. The links under articles and videos take you to the websites to view those sources. The books links will transport you to websites where you can learn more and purchase them. And the service and advocacy group links take you to their websites where you can get more information and request help and care.


Articles and Video

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Templeton, Sarah-Kate. “Top Midwife: Doctors 'Hopeless at Childbirth'.” News | The Sunday Times, The Sunday Times, 18 Mar. 2018

These articles are related to the postpartum experience. We welcome your literature search efforts. Please add to this list through our CONTACT PAGE.



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Service and Advocacy

East Bay Homebirth Midwifery

  • This organization offers midwife services to East Bay parents with specialization in home birth work.

The Bay Area Homebirth Collective

  • Offers midwife and homebirth services to East Bay, San Francisco, Marin, and Silicon Valley.

Hummingbird Midwifery

  • Offers prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.


  • This organization offers pregnancy and postpartum care in all aspects.

Midwife Alliance North America

  • They advocate use of midwives to improve conditions regarding division of access and equity, social justice, and health policy.

United Nations Population Fund

  • This organization works with governments and policymakers to provide trained midwives for low income and general populations worldwide.