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Do you have a traditional postpartum recipe, story, nursery rhyme to share? Please send us your recipe HERE .

multicultural postpartum recipes

EGyptian Moghat

Cambodian rice porridge with pig blood curd and chicken

Chinese (Cantonese) ginger vinegar with pig feet and eggs

Australian Pumpkin Soup

Lebanese meghli (spiced rice pudding)

vietnamese young jackfruit salad

Ethiopian Genfo (Porridge)

Vietnamese papaya soup with slow-cooked pig feet

Pakistani Punjabi panjiri

Nepali rice pudding

Navajo blue cornmeal gruel

korean beef seaweed soup

Ethiopian Telba (Flaxseed Beverage)

Cambodian ginger sauté chicken

Netherlands - Beschuit Met Muisjes

Turkish lohusa serbeti

H'mong chicken with ginger and wine

Polish Kielbasa and Sauerkraut