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1. To share cross cultural postpartum recipes, traditions and wisdom.

2. To expose current postpartum realities.

3. To promote Postpartum Justice.



Our current project extends Phase One of From Mothers to Mothers, an undergraduate student project based at UC Berkeley that initially focused on the postpartum recipes of immigrant and refugee Asian American Pacific Islander women. The group successfully published, in April 2017, a well-received multicultural and multilingual recipe book that features postpartum recipes written in Korean, H’mong, Cambodian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and translated into English. The book received over 10,000 likes on NPR's Facebook page on the first day alone when it was featured on NPR (“For Centuries, These Asian Recipes Have Helped New Moms Recover From Childbirth,” April 2, 2017).

The current Phase Two of the project will have three major components. One is to create this website (m2mpostpartum.org) that shares cross cultural postpartum recipes/stories, explores contemporary postpartum realities in the USA and seeks to define postpartum justice. 

The second major component of our efforts is to organize an experimental course at UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2018: "Traditional Postpartum Wisdom - Implications for Contemporary Postpartum Justice".  Specifically, we will explore the devastating forces within a postpartum perfect storm: racism, sexism, individualism, abandonment of traditional postpartum wisdom, and a profit-making health care system .  

Thirdly, we will host a celebration at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco in April of 2019 to highlight the journey of our Mothers-to-Mothers Project.



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