Collected from Onionin




3 tablespoons of clarified butter 

3 heaping tablespoons of Moghat powder (add more if you like it thick)

3 cups of hot water

1/4 cup of sugar, add more if you like it more sweet

Moghat 2.jpg


1. In a saucepan, melt the butter on medium heat. Add the Moghat powder.

2. Brown the powder in the butter slightly, stirring constantly. The powder will clump a bit.

3. After browning the powder for a couple minutes, add the hot water. Stirring constantly, then add the sugar.

4. The Moghat will thicken after the sugar is added. Cook it for about 2- 3 minutes, keep stirring.

5. Check and make sure it’s as sweet as you’d like; if needed, you can add more sugar and stir for a bit longer.

6. Pour into your serving cups.


Onionin: Moghat is a popular drink for women after they give birth as a general refresher and lactagogue. It is a mucilaginous plant commonly consumed as a traditional lactagogue in Egypt, and used in medicine as a nutritive tonic for the purpose of promoting lactation, increasing body weight, treating gout, and acting as a demulcent.

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